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There is No National Policy in the U.S. Requiring Recycling

Americans are notoriously bad at recycling. We don’t like thinking about trash. As soon as our trash is tossed in the bin, it is forgotten about forever, for someone else to deal with. The average person doesn’t know how recycling works in the U.S. The people who generally know how recycling works are people who either work in [...]

Vertical Farming Conference June 26th, 2019

Vertical Farming Conference takes place on June 26th, 2019 as part of the two-day Agri-Food Innovation event in Venlo, The Netherlands. Some of the focus topics include Improved resource-use efficiency, food safety, AI, robotics, and sustainable buildings. Leo Marcelis, a thought leader for the vertical farming movement, has been announced as a keynote speaker for the event. He [...]

Investments in Vertical Farms growing

The Vertical Farming trend is growing in America, promising a more sustainable approach than conventional farming practices. Paul Gauthier, a leading thought leader in the field, is out to show the potential for vertical farming and the hurdles the industry faces. Companies are investing in Vertical Farm start-ups in large numbers. Investors seem to think the hurdles don’t [...]

Midwestern Universities Race to find Waste Solutions

Colleges and universities in the Midwestern United States are implementing programs to reduce waste, in what will hopefully be a precursor to waste to energy programs. Currently, some such institutions are using better waste management practices, particularly for food waste, and some even have a goal of zero waste, indicating a 90 percent or greater waste diversion rate [...]

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June 8 Green Energy News

Headline News: “White House Blocked Intelligence Aide’s Written Testimony On Climate Change” • White House officials barred a State Department intelligence staffer from submitting written testimony this week to the House Intelligence Committee warning that human-caused climate change could be “possibly catastrophic.” [The Philadelphia Inquirer] Melting ice (Rodrigo ABD | AP, file) [...]

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